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Tour Part 1: The Master Bedroom


We have been keeping plenty busy. There is so much prep work, stuff to buy, and small things to mess with before you can really get going on a project. Sometimes that’s frustrating…but we are trucking along.

First things first, our Master Bedroom. We decided we were going to finish this room before moving in.

Sometimes it’s hard to really show the size of a room, but this is a MUCH larger space than we are accustomed to. If you count the closet and bathroom, this space is about half the square footage of our tiny current home. :)

Another view.

I am so happy to have a half bath attached to our room. So, so happy.

We also love the giant closet, even with the 100 screw and nail holes.

Jono and Levi spent a considerable amount of time filling in so.many.holes.

On a whim I thought it would be an awesome idea to get rid of the popcorn ceiling while we were updating everything else. That whim cost Jono and I about 12 hours of our life.

We started out by spraying down the space we would be working on. Throughout the process we learned that there seems to be a fine line between not enough water, and too much. You live, you learn.While scraping we tried to be careful to not cut into the paper of the sheetrock underneath. This proved sometimes impossible.Once it was scraped, though, we knew it had been worth the effort. So happy to see that popcorn gone!

Once that was done, the Hubs had to putty all the holes and scratches we created while scraping.Then came the sanding. Not fun. So dirty.This is just an example of how much this man loves me. He knows how much I want to document e v e r y t h i n g. So even though I was actually gone, not being helpful at all for the following steps, he had the camera on a timer to capture some of the process. What a guy.He wanted to replace the popcorn ceiling with a knockdown ceiling, which is perhaps the most messy thing you can possibly do to a room. So he covered everything first.

Next came spraying the gunk (technical term) all over.

Then he smoothed it out a bit.

All that was left, after it dried, was to slap a couple of coats of white paint up there.

At this point I was pretty much ready to be done. It took over a week of working evenings after work to make this happen, but I am so pleased to say that as of this morning, the ceiling is done!